HPA2015  Performance Award

Wu Xiaohuai (China)

Time: January 25, 2009-February 18, 2015

Place: Dadongba Town, Songyang County, Zhejiang Province, China

Nationality: Han

In the early morning of each Chinese New Year’s eve, all the men from the same family, surnamed Cai in Dadongba town of Zhejiang province will come to the main hall for the sacrificial ritual, and butcher the roosters that are carefully chosen. And the women will cook the rooster, pork and fish in a large wok as an offering dish to the deity. Then the offering dish will be placed on a table of the main hall for the devotees to offer incenses to the deity. At this point, every member of the family will discuss family affairs and share public spending. In the end, the dish will be sent to the place for worship their ancestor.



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