HPA2015  Performance Award

Silvia Landi (Italy)

Time: January 17-27, 2014

Place: Axum and Lalibela, Ethiopia

Nationality: Ethiopian

The Timkat, Epiphany which celebrates the baptism of Christ, and St. George, with which celebrate the national patron, are among the most important holidays for the Ethiopian Christian Orthodox Church. In these days in the city of Axum and Lalibela, thousands of faithful wrapped in white veils keep watch all night the copies of the Ark of the alliance, praying in candle light. Taking part in these liturgies, means immersing yourself in faith and solemnity of Christianity in its most ancient form, austere and mysterious. Walking in silence through the streets of Axum and Lalibela, means listening to the prayers whispered in dark corners of the churches or under the white veil of the women, it means to participate in the mysterious rites of one of the oldest churches in the world, participate in the celebrations and sing and clap to the rhythm of drums, or being overwhelmed by the joy of the crowd that dives in the blessed waters.




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