HPA2015  Performance Award

Muhammad Jahangir Khan (Pakistan)

Time: October 4, 2010

Place: Sukkur, Pakistan

Nationality: Pakistani

Ajrak is a unique form of block printed cloth with natural dyes. The shawls display special designs and patterns made using block printing by stamps. Over the years, Ajrak has become a symbol of the Sindhi culture and traditions. The Indus valley civilization is thousands of years old in the region and its inhabitant’s craftsmanship created the masters pieces of art and Ajrak is one of them. 62 years old Muhammad Arif’s is the manufacturer of Ajrak with 40 years of experience. He has 10 sons and 6 of them along with his 2 grandsons are also working with him. This team produces 20 Ajrak daily. His craftsmanship can be seen in the beautifully block printed cloth with rich colours.



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