HPA 2009  Nomination Award

Vladimir Jirnov (Uzbekistan)

Time: March 21, 1989

Place: Bdisun, Uzbekistan

From the Mediterranean Sea to Hindu Kush Mountains, from the Ural Mountains to the Arabian Peninsula, many nations which speak Turki and believe Shamanism before keeping faith in Islam, celebrate Nurouz, including nowadays Iran, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrghizstan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, some other countries of central Asia and ethnic groups in eastern Asia area. It is said that this 3,000-year tradition has something to do with pyrolatry that their ancestor believed.

People living here found that the day was getting longer and longer, while the night turned shorter since vernal equinox. They were convinced that the bright god defeated the dark spirit, then the spring returned and the world recovered. In the festival, people have family reunion dinner; neighbors call on each other; “praying on fire” activities were held in community; some of the young even have a wedding.




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