UNESCO’s News in August: Artists and policymakers in the Indian state of Goa work with UNESCO to strengthen their Creative Industries

August 25, 2016 - NEWS, What’s new at Association? - Post by: WfpaEdit

Artistic Fire Show at Goa beach

Recommendations for stronger policies which protect and promote the creative industries in the western Indian state of Goa will be the focus of a UNESCO symposium on 21 and 22 August.

Around 30 key players from Goa’s Directorate of Arts and Culture; creative professionals and NGOs working in the field of visual arts, music, the film industry, publishing, and the media will work with UNESCO experts on the 2005 Convention on the Protection and the Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions to learn and explore new ideas.

“The 2005 Convention provides a robust and innovative framework for government, working together with civil society actors, to strengthen the cultural and creative industries at all levels”, said Mr Raj Isar, International Expert leading the UNESCO workshop in Goa.

“For a culturally vibrant and well organised State such as Goa, implementing its provisions offers many truly significant opportunities”, he added.

Indicators for monitoring the implementation of the 2005 Convention, such as the active involvement of civil society and artists in the design of policies and better policies for promoting training for artists, will be shared in detail during the Goa workshop. Priority areas in the western coastal state’s creative industries will also be identified. It’s expected that participants will help formulate recommendations on cultural policies for the consideration of the Government of Goa.

Goa has a lot to offer in terms of creativity – its Art and Literature Festival brings together writers, poets, artists and performers, attracting large audiences along with the renowned International Film Festival of India (IFFI)  and  ”Sunburn”, Asia’s biggest electronic dance music festival.

Read more please visit: http://en.unesco.org/creativity/events/artists-policymakers-indian-state-goa-work-unesco-strengthen-their-creative-industries


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