The Complete Winning Lists of HPA2015

November 16, 2015 - Photographers - Post by: WfpaEdit

HPA 2015 was held in Shangri-La, Yunnan Province in the afternoon of September 18, the most exciting moment was when the Grand Awards and the Jury’s Special Awards were finally announced during the ceremony. At this point, HPA 2015 has completed successfully since its photo submission started from 2014. The complete winning lists of HPA2015 are as follow:

1.The Grand Awards

Alisson Jonas Cardoso Gontijo(Brazil)

Portrait & Costume/The Other Side

Tino Soriano(Spain)

Architecture/Che Guevara in Cuba (A tribute to Korda)

Md. Khalid Rayhan Shawon(Bangladesh)

Living Custom/Runway Childhood

Arnold Simanjuntak(Indonesia)

Production & Commerce/Traditinal Whaler of Lamalera

Maxim Dondyuk(Ukraine)

Festivities/Uman, Rosh Hashana

Thaib Chaidar(Indonesia)

Traditional Rites/Ma’nene Ritual

2.The Jury’s Special Awards

Enrique Lopez Tapia(Spain)

Portrait & Costume/Fade to Black

Sergei Stroitelev(Russia)

Portrait&Costume/From heaven down to earth (portraits of former Kumari goddesses)

Agung Parameswara(Indonesia)

Living Custom/ Mentawai Tribe

Liu Guoxing(China)

Living Custom/ Little SteamTrain in Jiayang, Sichuan Province

David Rengel(Spain)

Production & Commerce/Ocean Farmers

Ehsan Kamali(Iran)

Production & Commerce/An effort to protect identity

Miguel ángel Mejia Castro(Peru)

Traditional Rites/ The children of the sacred mountain

Sujan Sarkar(India)

Traditional Rites/Coconut Game-On the Way to Extinction

Vladimir Pomortsev(Russia)

Traditional Rites /Pilgrimage to the Great River

Yin Yonghong(China)

Traditional Rites /Dance with Gods:June Festival in Qinghai

3. The Documentary Awards (The Link of Name Lists)

4. The Nomination Awards (The Link of Name Lists)

5. The Performance Awards (The Link of Name Lists)


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