Snatching the Big “Firework”

January 22, 2015 - Editor’s Choice - Post by: WfpaEdit

Every year on the 27th day of the second lunar month, people in Tangbei village, Guangxi Province hold a sacrificial event of “Snatching the Big Firework” in the front of a local shrine.  The event is held to the memory of one of their ancestors who prevented the farmland from birds with a homemade cannon. The big “firework” is not a real firework. It is decorated with many gifts, which symbolize good fortune and are supposed to be snatched by the villagers. The event has six steps: build the frame, hold a feast, worship the “Firework”, carry out the “Firework”, offer sacrifice to the “Firework” and snatch the gifts on the “Firework”.



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