A Good Photographer Is Also A Good Communicator

January 09, 2015 - Photographers - Post by: WfpaEdit

Ismet Danyeli, born in Malatya, Turkey was an agricultural engineer originally and started photographing with a passion in 2006 while working in Tarsus. That is perhaps the reason why the majority of photographs he has taken are in rural areas. He usually produces human related photos and takes part in group exhibitions. In years, his works have been the cover photos in magazines and been published in the album.

Ismet has gained more than 60 awards from national and international photography competitions until the end of 2012, such as, National Geographic Turkey Competition, International Photo Contest and Emirates Photography Competition, etc. He is mostly interested in people and places, and the stories in between. In 2008 he began a project that aims to document the life in Turkey’s rural areas, called the “The Agriculture in Anatolia”, which won the Documentary Award in HPA 2013. You can view his HPA-winning work through the following link http://www.worldfpa.org/?page_id=7004.

In the course of documenting the “The Agriculture in Anatolia”, Ismet has visited 10 provinces in Turkey and believed that the most important thing is not the machine, but the communication with people. While documenting, Ismet was trying to communicate with everyone and thought he can not document a true photo story without getting to know people.


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