A Photographer with A Classical And Humanist Style

December 08, 2014 - Photographers - Post by: WfpaEdit

Rui Pires, a Portuguese and born in 1968, has a degree in Advanced Photography and is a graduate in Professional Photography by the New York Institute of Photography.  He is considered a photographer with a classical and humanist style, and is dedicated primarily to documentary photography.

Rui spent his childhood in Portuguese rural areas, so capturing the essence of the rural people has always been a challenge for him. He always tries to achieve a humanistic approach to documentary photography and dignify the people he portrays. In 2006 he began a project that aims to document the life in Portuguese rural villages, called the “Rural Moments”, which won the Documentary Award in HPA 2013.

In the course of documenting the “Rural Moments”, Rui met many wonderful human beings living in desolate community and working in agriculture. He has begun to be considered a true friend and like family for all these people, and since 2007 he has become part of their lives, their joys, sorrows. He witnessed the death of most of his rural friends, the human elements that have been documented photographically in a sad way. Most of those people are very old, from 85 to 95 years old. These villages have few young people, most of them have left for big cities in order to study and get a job.

In Rui’s “Rural Moments”, the way of life in villages virtually extinct, where humanity, the word, mutual assistance, help in good times and bad times still persist. In his opinion, the word crisis is unknown, maybe because this is one of the last places where the word “humanity” makes sense. So he wanted to show future generations these ways of life endangered in opposite to lack of humanity that happens in big cities and in modern way of life. Maybe this way of life will become to be the future again, with the lack of jobs, the fall of the industry in Europe and the crisis.


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