The Recorder of Local Culture

November 06, 2014 - Photographers - Post by: WfpaEdit

Born in Bucharest, Bogdan Croitoru is based in Romania’s capital and lives as a freelance photographer since 2006. Photography was embraced by him as a hobby in 90s, social and cultural subjects are what he focuses on. With a master’s degree in neurobiology–ethology, he became a professional photographer in 2004 when he got a diploma from the School of Popular Arts, Photography Section, Bucharest.

Almost all his works were created in Romania. As he said, as a local recorder, he can best understand and interpret the local culture. His work “The Traditional Romanian Flute” ( won the Chairman Award in HPA 2004 and“Romanian Gypsy Brick Makers” ( won the Jury’s Special Award in HPA2013.

As for “Romanian Gypsy Brick Makers”, he said, “This is an amazing example of traditional techniques heritage. Their colorful but hard way of living slowly fades against modern life standards. I tried through photography to preserve and show their traditional life.”

While getting more involved in the topic, he feels like opening the leaves of an onion root, and there are at least three important layers that made him document the Romanian Gypsy Brick Makers: first layer, it is visually attracting for a photographer; second layer, the social approach; third layer, the ethno-cultural value.

He saw the Romanian Gypsy Brick Makers’ living as in a time capsule that won’t last forever, so he intended to present it through photography as a nice sweet fruit with a bitter seed –  even the traditional production techniques are colorful and spectacular, even their ethno-cultural heritage is amazing, these people look for better life, much closer to modern life standards. Therefore, he hopes he can preserve a little bit from this harsh beauty.

In his opinion, people have a native thirst for knowing about others, about mankind. When somebody knows more about other people, he opens a door to his inside too. People have so many common things in their cultural diversity. Documentary photography can help to widen people’s horizon. It can enrich perceptions about life and make people more conscious about what and why they are in this world. Sometimes this process might turn somebody from a silent witness to a helpful voice.



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