Witness of Golden Marriage

April 18, 2014 - Photographers - Post by: WfpaEdit

Love and marriage is an eternal topic, especially in our modern world when most young people chose love and leave marriage. Lin Tianfu, a Taiwanese photographer, interprets the two with his 20-year photo project entitled The Love of Half Century.

The idea of shooting golden-marriage couples came to him in 1987 when he was still working for Dadi Geography, a photo magazine in Taiwan. He was assigned the project to photograph Tailuge people, a native ethnic group living in Tailuge National Park. In the remote mountain, he met an old Tailuge couple and spent the night with them. The old couple told him their legendary love story. It stuck him that their beautiful love story would disappear and become unknown after they leave the world. While the couple has neither the desire nor the ability to share their story with the world, but he, as a photographer, can do something for them and the world as well.

In 1992, People, a magazine headquartered in US, set up a branch in Taiwan and invited him to plan a photo-story column, which was just the right opportunity for him to implement his idea of shooting golden-marriage couples. The success in this column encouraged him to go deeper into this subject.

In 2011, the first photo exhibition of this project was open in Pingyao, Shanxi. When being asked about marriage and love in an interview, he said, “Love doesn’t need commitment. We want commitment because we can’t commit. That is why we give commitment to the other one. However, the more commitment, the more desire and the more expectation, therefore the more disillusion and the less stability. It is better to focus on what we should do and stop expecting. Fulfillment will come when we live every day with a simple heart and mind.”

This is what Lin Tianfu wants to tell this world and he tells through his photos.



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