Jinshanling Great Wall in Hebei Province

March 21, 2014 - FOLKLORE TOUR - Post by: WfpaEdit

Located in the mountainous area in Luanping County, Hebei Province, the Jinshanling Great Wall is the most well-preserved section of the Great Wall. It starts from the Wangjinglou Tower in the east and ends at Longyukou in the west, stretching about 10.5 kilometers.

The Jinshanling Great Wall was constructed eight hundred years ago. It is mainly comprised of 5 passes, 67 towers and 2 beacon towers. As this section is 125 km away from Beijing, it is not so crowed as the Badaling Great Wall. In addition, it boasts of magnificent landscape and splendid architecture. Therefore, it is honored as The Paradise for Photographic Amateurs and was included in the list of World Cultural Heritage Sites in 1987.

Opening Hours

April – October: 7:00 – 18:00
November- March: 7:30 – 17:30

Entrance Price

March 16 – November 15: General Admission: RMB 50; Children 12 & Under: RMB 30

November 16 – March 15: General Admission: RMB 40; Children 12 & Under: RMB 25

Cable Car Price

One Way: RMB 30; Cable Car Two Way: RMB 50

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