Xixiang County-The Most Beautiful Land of Tea in China

February 28, 2014 - FOLKLORE TOUR - Post by: WfpaEdit

Xixiang County, a county in Hanzhong, Shaanxi, China, is a land of tea with a plantation of nearly 15,000 hectares. Usually, the tea garden is open during the tea-picking season lasting from the Tomb-Sweeping Day (it falls on the beginning of April in solar calendar) to June. Visitors can not only enjoy the beautiful scene of pretty girls picking tea-leaves, but also make tea by themselves and taste the local specialty Wu Zi Xian Hao, a kind of green tea. Besides, Xixiang County has the second largest cherry planting zone in China named Cherry Valley, which is honored as “one of the best places for people to live” by UNESCO. Located in the center of Qinling-Bashan Mountain area, Xixiang has preserved some of the oldest traditions of Bashan area, such as wedding, funeral and house-building (a special ceremony is held when mounting beams). The marvelous landscape, together with the rich local culture will surely give you a fresh and enjoyable experience.








Xixiang Facts

Location: Southeast of Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province, China

Terrain: Hills

Climate: Warm and Moist

Railway Stations: Xixiang Railway Station, Hanzhong Railway Station

Airport: Hanzhong Airport


The golden hours, the last hour before the sunset and the first hour after sunrise, are the best time to shoot natural scene. The sunlight shines from a lower angle during the two periods and creates softer shadows. During the golden hours, you may have some of the best shots with help from the changing sunlight.


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