New Year Party of CFPA Shanghai Members

January 10, 2014 - HPA Competition, NEWS, What’s new at Association? - Post by: WfpaEdit

CFPA Southwest Shanghai Team held an annual meeting on Dayangshan Island, Zhejiang Province during January 4-5, 2014. On the meeting, the team leaders made a summary of the work of 2013 and made a 2014 work plan, including interviews and photographing projects. Besides the meeting, the team members were organized to shoot the beautiful night view and the morning glow of the Island. Through the activity, they not only gained happiness, but gained photographic knowledge, creative ideas and friendship.

Members of CFPA Middle Shanghai Team gathered in Anji, Zhejiang on January 4, 2014. On the party, some of them presented their new works and shared their stories on photography. The party provided them a platform to find real friends who have common interests with them and to attain encouragements from like-minded friends to continue their efforts in the photographic field. Excellent performances were also given by versatile team members.




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