HPA2011- Aymara’s New Year’s Day

December 24, 2013 - Editor’s Choice - Post by: WfpaEdit

On the June 21, 2010, the Aymara’s New Year’s Eve is celebrated. The Aymara is the largest pre-Hispanic ethnic group in Bolivia, concentrated in the Andean region south from the Titicaca Lake.

In this hemisphere the 21th of July coincides, not by hazard, with the winter solstice, the coldest and shorter night in the year. And so the agriculture life’s cycles of the Aymara are interlinked with the meteorological and natural cycles. The very first sunrays are welcomed with open hands; the sun is contemplated, admired, thanked and worshipped. The Aymara in the ritual chew coca-leafs and drink wine which are constantly spilled on the ground as an offer to mother earth.

By Matteo Bertolino (Italy)

HPA2011 Nomination Award

Time: June 21, 2010

Place: Bolivia

Nationality: Aymara



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