Visiting Shi Family Grand Courtyard, Learning Yangliuqing Culture

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Upon invitation, Mr. Shen Che, President of China Folklore Photographic Association (CFPA), paid a two-day visit to Xiqing District, Tianjin from September 18 to 19. He visited the Shi Family Grand Courtyard and the Former Residence and Memorial Hall of Huo Yuanjia.

Mr. Shen toured around the Yangliuqing Town on September 10. It is named by Tianjin government as a folklore cultural tourist town, where the ancient and the modern stand side by side in harmony. Its architecture and ancient streets are preserved well, and its folklore culture about New Year Picture, canal, and traditional Chinese family houses are recognized as valuable cultural treasures.

Seven years ago, Mr. Shen visited the Shi Family Grand Courtyard, which left a deep impression on him. Now the recently renovated grand architecture brought him a new surprise. He spoke highly of the Tianjin government’s work in protecting ancient architecture with historical and cultural values. They preserve and renovate these old houses well for the present and the future, so that the next generations can know how people used to live.

Mr. Shen and Mr. Xia Fang visiting the Ju Long Antique Shop in the Shi Family Grand Courtyard

A young worker is working on a Chinese New Year picture

Mr. Shen and Mr. Cui, President of Yangliuqing Art Institute visiting Art Workshop in the Shi Family Grand Courtyard

Upon invitation from Mr. Yan, Chairman of Xiqing Committee of CPPCC, Mr. Shen visited the Former Residence and Memorial Hall of Huo Yuanjia on September 19. Huo Yuanjia (18 January 1868 – 14 September 1910) was a famous patriotic Chinese martial artist in late Qing Dynasty (1644-1912).

Huo Yuanjia’s Memorial Hall

Tourist guide telling Huo Yuanjia’s life stories to Mr. Shen

Huo Yuanjia’s Cemetery


Mr. Shen and Mr. Hu Yougang, Deputy Chairman of Xiqing Committee of CPPCC unveiling the nameplate for the CFPA Photography Base in 2006



YANGLIUQING NEW YEAR PICTURE is a main kind of folk woodcut New Year Picture, which is named after its production place – Yangliuqing Town of Tianjin. With a history of 600 years, Yangliuqing New Year Picture inherited the painting traditions of the Song and Yuan dynasties and absorbed the essence of woodcut paintings, craftworks and stage arts of the Ming dynasty. Thanks to its rich themes, elegant patterns and comely color, the Yangliuqing New Year Picture is very popular.

THE SHI FAMILY GRAND COURTYARD in Yangliuqing Town, Tianjin is situated in Yangliuqing Town of Xiqing District, which is the former residence of Shi Yuanshi – the 4th son of Shi Wancheng, one of the eight great masters in Tianjin. First built in 1875, it covers over 6,000 square meters, including large and small yards and over 200 folk houses. Shifu Garden, which finished its expansion in October 2003, covers an area of 1,200 square meters and incorporates the elegance of imperial garden.

HUO YUANJIA is well-known for his martial arts and strong patriotic passion. The farm house in Little Nanhe Village, Xiqing District was his former residence. It is an ordinary family yard of black tiles and earthen bricks. On the earthen brick wall are pictures and stories about his life and time. In order to commemorate him, his hometown folks established a cemetery for him, in which there are a memorial archway with inscription of Sun Yat-sen on it and a half-length statue of Huo Yuanjia.

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