Monthly Letter of UNESCO to NGOs in August, 2017

August 10, 2017 - About CFPA, NEWS, What’s new at Association? - Post by: WfpaEdit No Comments

unesco The Assistant Director-General for External Relations and Public Information To  Non-Governmental  Organizations, Official partners of UNESCO Ref.  :   ERI/MSP/INO/17/59       07 August 2017 Dear Partners, In this month of August, which I hope you are able to enjoy, I wish to share with you some important events scheduled for

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CFPA elected successfully once again as member of NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee

December 15, 2016 - About CFPA, NEWS, What’s new at Association? - Post by: WfpaEdit No Comments

3 On 13 December 2016, local afternoon time in Paris, China Folklore Photographic Association has been elected successfully once again as the member of NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee, serving two-year terms until 2018. During the competitive election, representatives of CFPA, led by president Mr. Shen Che, were have the speech in Chinese,

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What’s CFPA

August 11, 2014 - ABOUT US - Post by: admin 2 Comments

China Folklore Photographic Association (CFPA), founded in 1993, is an official partner of United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Mr. Shen Che, the incumbent president, also serves as the Ambassador for the UNESCO’s “Mondialogo”. CFPA, under his leadership and in close cooperation with UNESCO in various key programs, has made great contributions

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What’s WFPA

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World Folklore Photographers Association (WFPA), an international and professional NGO, was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2009. The work of WFPA is organized and carried out by the International Communication Department of China Folklore Photographic Association (CFPA). 1999 The first preparatory meeting of WFPA was held in Pairs — the headquarters

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President of CFPA Being Awarded “Outstanding Contribution Award of UNESCO”

June 20, 2012 - ABOUT US - Post by: WfpaEdit Comments Off

At the night of September 16th, on the grand 7th “Humanity Photo Awards (HPA)” award ceremony, Dr. Hans d’Orville, an Assistant Director-General of UNESCO, presented the medal of “Outstanding Contribution Award of UNESCO” to the president of CFPA Mr. Shen Che. The content of the medal is as follows: “In recognition

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