Costume of Changjiao(Long Horn) Miao People

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9Photographer:             Women of Changjiao Miao minority are characterized by wearing a wooden long horn in their hair. It is said that this is to honor the soul of the leader of Miao minority. In old times, both men and women wore the long horn,

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Capturing History and Soul

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IMG_1698Coming from a family of four generations of letterpress printers in Lima, Peru and formerly being an engineer, Carlos Garcia Granthon began to focus all his efforts into the photography world in 2002. Now he works as a freelance documentary photographer. In 2004 he started shooting stories of heritage cemeteries,

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Weaving by Li People in Hainan Province, China

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Traditional Paper-making Technology

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5Place: Puer City, Yunnan Province, China Photographer:             This paper-making workshop still uses the traditional way to make paper. In every spring and winter, the workers are busy with collecting bamboos from the mountains to make preparation for the paper-making. Ā The bamboo needs to be

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Photography Is A Way of Life

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PortrVladimir Jirnov is a photographer, publisher and producer from Uzbekistan, Central Asia. He took up professional photography from his first profession – the science in 1984, and all the time long till now his professional and vital interests are in and near the photography. Since 1985, Vladimir has been shooting

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About CFPA

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China Folklore Photographic Association (CFPA), founded in 1993, is an official partner of United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Mr. Shen Che, the incumbent president, also serves as theĀ AmbassadorĀ for theĀ UNESCO’sĀ ā€œMondialogoā€. CFPA, under his leadership and in close cooperation with UNESCO in various key programs, has made great contributions

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