HPA 2015 Entry Collection Coming to A Fruitful End

April 17, 2015 - NEWS - Post by: cfpacfpa No Comments

The HPA 2015 entry collection which lasts for 7 months ends successfully at 4:00 pm on April 17, 2015 Beijing Time. From then on participants will not be able to register or submit photos. As of the deadline, HPA 2015 has collected over 8,000 sets of photos from nearly 6,000

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If You Need Us to Sign Up and Submit Photos For You

April 01, 2015 - NEWS - Post by: cfpacfpa 3 Comments

If you need us to sign up and submit photos for you for any reason, first please download the form at HPA2015 registration and submission Form and fill in all the information. Then you need to make sure that your photos have been edited in a proper way. Last please send

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HPA 2015 Submission Closing 15 Days Later

April 01, 2015 - HPA Competition, NEWS - Post by: cfpacfpa 1 Comments

15countdownOrganized by: UNESCO, China Folklore Photographic Association Categories: portrait & costume, architecture, living Custom, production & commerce, festivities and traditional rites Deadline: April 15, 2015 How to enter: sign up and submit entries at http://2015.hpa.org.cn/en/index.aspx Rules on entries: each entrant can submit 3 sets of photos at most; each set

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March 16, 2015 - CONTACT US - Post by: cfpacfpa No Comments

The Humanity Photo Awards 2015 (HPA 2015) is now calling for international judges. There is no restriction on nationality of the judge. Anyone who meets the following criteria can submit his/her application. Criteria: Qualifications: A HPA2015 judge is someone who possesses extensive experience in photo editing, photo judging or experience

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Kyaw Kyaw Winn—A Prolific And Versatile Photographer in Asia

February 10, 2015 - Photographers - Post by: cfpacfpa No Comments

Kyaw-Kyaw-Winn-Headshotown-pageKyaw Kyaw (pronounced Chaw Chaw) Winn has been an enthusiastic photographer for more than two decades. His passion in photography was ignited after attending his first introductory photography course while he was still in middle school in 1998 and after 17 years, a passion became a profession. Now Kyaw Kyaw

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Coral House in Xuwen, Guangzhou Province

January 28, 2015 - Editor’s Choice - Post by: cfpacfpa 1 Comments

1As Xuwen is a county located near the sea, people living here have created a special kind of house, which is made of coral rock. The Coral house not only has aesthetic value but also is comfortable for living. But now, as coral becomes rare, the local residents begin to

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