Kyaw Kyaw Winn—A Prolific And Versatile Photographer in Asia

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Kyaw-Kyaw-Winn-Headshotown-pageKyaw Kyaw (pronounced Chaw Chaw) Winn has been an enthusiastic photographer for more than two decades. His passion in photography was ignited after attending his first introductory photography course while he was still in middle school in 1998 and after 17 years, a passion became a profession. Now Kyaw Kyaw

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Coral House in Xuwen, Guangzhou Province

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1As Xuwen is a county located near the sea, people living here have created a special kind of house, which is made of coral rock. The Coral house not only has aesthetic value but also is comfortable for living. But now, as coral becomes rare, the local residents begin to

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Snatching the Big “Firework”

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(6)Every year on the 27th day of the second lunar month, people in Tangbei village, Guangxi Province hold a sacrificial event of “Snatching the Big Firework” in the front of a local shrine.  The event is held to the memory of one of their ancestors who prevented the farmland from

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Pingyuan County in Meizhou, Guangdong Province

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1Pingyuan County, located in the northeast of Guangdong province and in the south of China, on the border between Guangdong, Jiangxi and Fujian Province. Pingyuan County is under the jurisdiction of Meizhou City which is known as the home of standard Hakka. Hakka people of Pingyuan, descendants of the ancient

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A Special Sacrificial Dance in Qinghai Province, China

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8“Tiao Wu Tu” is a special dance perforemed during the sacrificial ceremony by Tu Nationality in Qinghai Province, China. “Wu Tu” means Tiger in Mandarin. Local people worship tiger by their reglion. Every November 20th in Lunar Calendar, the local people will make up and dress themselves as tigers and dance

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A Good Photographer Is Also A Good Communicator

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Ismet DanyeliIsmet Danyeli, born in Malatya, Turkey was an agricultural engineer originally and started photographing with a passion in 2006 while working in Tarsus. That is perhaps the reason why the majority of photographs he has taken are in rural areas. He usually produces human related photos and takes part in

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